Best RAM for i7 8700K

Best RAM for Processor

1. What is i7 8700k?

The i7 8700k is one of the best and most affordable high-end processors available on the market right now. When it releases, it proved to be very beneficial for the game makers. It replaces by two of its successors priced at $ 379. A good processor yet it is useless unless paired with a powerful ram.

2. What is the RAM purpose?

A ram is like a partner to a processor. The purpose of ram is to store data for a while. PC needs it to work well. Ram is a volatile memory which means it stores data at the same time when it has strong power. Programs exist in RAM only. The computer needs temporary data to carry out its programs and tasks.
For example:
Games data write and read on RAM. Because its size is more than accessing data on the storage device.

3. How does RAM increase your computer speed?

The more Ram is good, the higher will be its working speed. Ram performs its tasks in conjunction with the computer’s storage capacity and CPU. The reason why the computer works are not always RAM. That’s why adding too much Ram will make your computer never work faster. If it needed outdated chips and strong storage.

4. Which Ram is best suitable for the i7 8700k processor?

· Ballistix Sport LT 16GB DDR4
· HyperX Kingstone Technology Fury
· Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB RAM
· Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4
· Gaskill TridentZ RGB 16GB
· G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB
· Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB

4.1 HyperX Fury 32GB 2666MHz DDR4:

It has two sticks of 16 it’s ddr4. It runs at 3200MHz.

4.1.1. Installation on motherboard

It’s a gigabyte x570 or a select wi-fi gaming motherboard. Now finger out where the RAM gets installed. On your motherboard on my gigabyte auras motherboard. The ram slots are located in the bottom right-hand corner. There are four of them on my motherboard. This part is very important especially if you’re only installing two ram sticks.
We need to use the second and fourth slots go ahead and pull back the clips that hold the ram in place for the slots. One important thing to take note of in the ram slots. You will see a little notch here and that does not need to cross the pond with the notch on your ram itself. You might need to turn your ram around so it does line up. You are ready to install your ram.
You can see ahead and place it in the little channels and give it a quick push. It should pop right into place. Then do the second one place the ram in the channels gives it a quick push. The snap holds the ram in place. It’s simple to install the DDR4 ram on your motherboard.

4.2 Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4:

When we talk about memory. The first word that comes to our mind called Kingston Technologies. HyperX kits are also included in the best DDR4 uses for the games. It introduces in 2002 and it is also the partner of Global E-Sport Events. Kingston for now is also considered a good brand competitor.
For example, Razer, Corsair, etc. Kingston gets more fame when it created great memory products for data. Kingston makes in 1987. When the DDR4 era started we saw many modules of RAM.

4.2.1 Appearance

HyperX Fury DDR4 color is black. Its frequency is 2666MHz and the capacity unit is 16GB. Its latency rate is CL 15-16-17-35 while its operating voltage is 1.20V. Furry DDR4 capacity ranges from 4-16 GB single module to 16-64 GB many modules. The fury series finds in three different colors for example black, white, and red. Its heat spreader makes of aluminum black.

4.2.2 Installation Instruction

We install DDR4 Fury in the slot of the A2 and B2 combinations. The user can also see which combine want to use. And we recommended the best gamers for the 16GB kit. The recent trend in the market is RGB. And this looks very surprised in comparison to the non-RGB module.

4.2.3 Overclocking

To turn it off we do a little increase in its speed. For example, we will increase its speed from 2666MHz to 2800 MHz without giving voltage. Its result is acceptable which we get by increasing the slightest speed of RAM.
In the second round, we increase the BIOS memory 200MHz. Due to this, the total memory becomes 2900MHz and this is only possible when we get its voltage of 1.35V. It gives good results.

4.3 HyperX Kingston Technology Fury

  •  X99 chipsets
  • Completely plug and play
  • Cost-efficient & high performance
  • No manual BIOS change
    HyperX DDR4 is the first product to feature automatic overlocking. This is for the new generations to come to provide an overlocking facility in Intel 99 chipsets and Haswell-E processors through plug-and-play.
    HyperX Fury DDR4 is present in frequencies of 2133MHz, 2400MHz, and 2666MHz. Apart from this, it also gets a frequency range of 8GB to 64GB. Its operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 85°C.
    Its voltage is 1.2V. Its CAS-Latency is from CL14-CL15. It tests with all famous brands of motherboards. By installing the memory, its speed can increase and capacity can increase. It is compatible with the X99 chip. This is 100% tested in the factory that’s why it’s completely reliable. It has a lifetime guarantee.

4.4 G. Skill TridentZ RGB 16GB

  • The breakneck speed with XMP 2.0
  •  Great overclocking potential
  • Premium quality ICS
  • Lifetime warranty
    TridentZ has LED lighting on every RAM stick. Its Latency range is 16-18-18-32-2N. 288 pins make in it. Its working voltage is 1.35. It has a dual channel memory structure. It is equipped with aluminum. The Rainbow Wave effect is also added to TridentZ RGB. This works at a speed of 3200 MHz.
    The lighting control software for the G.Skill Website was downloaded in February 2017. It tests by hand and this victory verifies by G.Skill. Downloadable software enables us to make the colors beautiful in the memory module. G.Skill offers its consumer the convince of technical support via Telephone, Gmail, etc.

4.5 G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB

· Inexpensive for XMP configuration
· No annoying RGB lighting
· Better overclocking
· Enough tweaking
· Simple aesthetics
· Lifetime warranty
It has proved to be very suitable for the builders of their PC system and to increase the system’s memory. It finds in different frequency ranges. We use it for gaming, video, and image editing. Apart from this, it is also used for data processing. Ripjaws tests through G.SKILL’s rigorous validation process to make sure the advisability of its working.
It is also used for large CPU coolers. It tests at 1.35 volts while its SPD voltage is 1.2V. And in this, we use the DDR4 type of memory. The only speed at which it checks to work is 3200MHz. Its testes Latency is 16-18-18-38. BIOS setting in this RAM is different from other RAM.

4.6 Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB RAM

The white version of corsair that causes vengeance RGB Pro rather than installing inside the crystal 680 X white case brand-new installed. This is a 32-gigabyte setup of 4 sticks in total.
The MSI x2 no nine creation by the board. I am using eight DIMM slots then it has been set up in order. Where you have to alternate slots so that means there are potential gaps.

4.6.1. What comes in the form of course?

There is a lighting enhancement kit which you can see on the top near the radiator and going to be using that as well as installing it. Those in the other slots fill up the entire thing with awesome good-looking RAM. The lighting enhancement goodness so.
For something pretty boring underneath the shield. And RGB lighting node delivers a nice finish, and also look and feel to the case even more. So, once the Lighting’s set up. Now, these modules clip as any RAM would strain to the motherboard in the appropriate DIMM slots be sure to check which ones you want to install first to make sure you get them in the right order.
They don’t need any extra power to run the RGB lighting. They work out of the box like that powered by the motherboard. All you need to do is open the slots up and plug them into each of the appropriate slots.
Eight slots of grammar an upgrade to 64 gigs. But actually, this motherboard is capable of taking up to 128 gigabytes of fjg rounds well. This is the 3000 MHz setup. You can get a higher speed if necessary. It is important to know that if you are processing these kits you do need to sell the XMP profile in your BIOS.

4.7 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB

· Adjusts automatically with XMP 2.0
· Low profile heat spreaders
· The sturdy build of the memory
· Best for overclocking
The first one is your speed the higher the better usually. But you also have to consider the latency rating as well. In this case, we have a CL16 rating so you want a lower latency. A faster speed, if possible, to get the best performance. Now, let’s go ahead with the package.
First up you can see we have our corsair safety information in many languages. Followed by our two sticks of ddr4 RAM let’s go ahead. Let’s take them out of the packing and check that out vengeance LPX ddr4. We can see corsair’s logo on the top two everything looks nice. Its heat sink looks cool with the black.
To be using two out of the four available slots will tell you which two slots to use. So, in our case, it’s marked A2 and B2 are the ones. We are going to be using A2 and B2 for your two sticks of ram. If you had four sticks of RAM you will be using all four slots.

4.8 Ballistix Sport LT 16GB DDR4

The Ballistix sports LT memory kits are available in three different kits colors
v Red
v White
v Gunmetal grey

4.8.1. Ballistix Sport LT Gray 16 GB DDR4 3000MHz

We have a 16-gigabyte kit of memory that features the gunmetal gray color scheme. Besides this color also runs at a steady 3,000 megahertz out of the box. So, it is ideal for risen and tradable platforms that enjoy higher memory frequencies. This kit uses the timing 16 18 18 1nd 48 with a voltage of 1.3v. A decent set of timings for $3,000 Hz.

4.8.2. What will increase the price of the kit?

From the start, sure lower timings could use. Because you need chips that will be stable at 3000 Hertz with lower timings. These timings go back to the design of this kit. The heat sinks are made from metal.

4.8.3. Features

The RAM sticks are covered by a long ribbon camouflage sticker. The glorious Ballistix logo there are also chrome inserts present. On both lower edges and side edges of the heatsinks the top of the heart sink. Angular vent gaps allow air to reach the top side of the memory chips.

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