Does My Crush Like Me?


In your daily life you are spending time with one or the other person with whom you meet in a particular place almost every day. Now that particular place may be a park, a restaurant, etc. or a college or a university. You are meeting this person everyday and you don’t even know when you start liking this person. But now the problem arises that how do you know if that person likes you too or not? This task is not that difficult, you can guess it from the way he speaks. But how exactly do you know if your crush likes you back or not?

Does My Crush Like Me?

Does My Crush Like Me

I will tell you a few important Tips that you can find does your crush like you or not.

1) They tell you the secrets of their life which they don’t tell anyone

This is the best way to know if your crush likes you or not. Just think in your heart if your crush tells you all the things that he doesn’t share with anyone else. If your answer is yes, then congratulations, you have become a reliable person for your partner.

The first step to getting someone to like you is to make them believe in you. If your crush tells you all of his secrets or embarrassing things that he doesn’t share with anyone else, it means that he is very close to you and that he is very attached to you. Trust has begun. This is the best sign to start any new relationship.

Does My Crush Like Me

2) Their mood darkens when you’re with someone else:

It is human nature that when his favorite person is hanging out with someone else or he is enjoying someone else’s company, then he starts getting jealous. He is not only jealous but also heartbroken when he somehow alienates another person sitting next to his favorite person.

If your crush also starts acting strangely when he sees you with someone else, then you should take it as a sign that he is jealous. There is no need for you to panic at this time, just understand that he wants your attention to be on him and you should not be separated from him. The person is getting close to someone else.

Does My Crush Like Me

3) They always wait for your messages:

You can also tell whether your crush likes you or not by his message chatting by how early or late he replies to you. If your crush is replying you too quickly, it means he wants your attention. If he prolongs the conversation, it means he wants you to talk to him more and give him more time.

If he deliberately starts new topics, it means that he wants to know you more deeply and be closer to you, but if he does not respond to your messages or your messages If he replies hours later, it means he is ignoring you.If he is not interested in you and does not want to be close to you, then in such a case you should also part ways.

4) They find ways to get close to you

You can also tell if your crush likes you or not by how much he tries to be close to you. Your crush will always find different excuses to be close to you. It could be to get together at a club or to bring something together from outside or to go for a long drive together.

No matter the situation, you will always try to be with him. Of course he may not be sticking with you but he will always be around you. You should also keep an eye on your crush that Abu always tries to stay close to you under some pretext or the other. If he is always by your side for some reason, it means he likes you too.

Does My Crush Like Me

5) They ask about your relationship status

He will ask you mandatory questions about your relationship. He will either automatically assume that you are in a relationship with someone, then he will deliberately ask P how the relationship is going with the person he is in a relationship with. Does he take care of you, etc. The only purpose behind asking this kind of question would be to somehow find out whether you are single or married.

If he doesn’t rate like that, then another way would be that he will ask you directly if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend that you are in contact with so that he is clear from his side that you are his. Is it right or not? If your crush asks you this question, then it means that he likes you and wants to make you his partner in the future.

6) They look at you a lot

An easy way to tell if your crush likes you or not is that he looks at you a lot whether he is sitting or standing, he will always have his eyes on you whenever he comes across. Kar will see you sometimes he will see you while passing by and sometimes he will be secretly watching you if you have all these signs in your crush then understand that in his heart I am for you. Feelings have awakened and he is ready to commit you to him in the future. If you have a crush, he likes you or not,

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