Is purchasing manager a good job

Is Purchasing Manager A Good Job

The job of purchasing manager in any organization is to supervise the work of buyers and purchasing agents. Purchasing managers also handle various complex purchases and negotiations. Well, Purchasing Managers are carrying a lot of responsibilities, but their biggest responsibility is to supervise purchasing and purchasing agents as well as purchasing agents to ensure the delivery of the best purchasing products and services. Now coming to our main topic, whether the job of purchasing manager is good or not, You will get the answer easily after reading this article.

Is Purchasing Manager A Good Job

Is purchasing manager a good job

To know whether the job of purchasing manager is a good job or not we need to know about few things. If we know these things, we will be able to know very well what the purchasing manager job is like and what benefits or disadvantages you can get from this job.

What Does a Purchasing Manager Do

A purchasing manager makes plans to buy goods from a variety of organizations, retailers and wholesale dealers and to develop cooperation with them. Along with planning, he also issues instructions and supervises the work of the entire purchasing agents.

Now from all this you can infer that a purchasing manager has the responsibility of the entire organization whatever the burden of transaction of the entire organization is on the shoulders of the purchasing manager. Also, the purchasing manager joins various meetings, conferences, etc. Attends various trade shows etc. to understand industry trends and build links with suppliers.

Purchasing managers do most of their work in their office. According to a report, the majority of purchasing managers work for manufacturing companies and also wholesale organizations and enterprises.

Job Description Of Purchasing Manager

One of the main responsibilities of the purchasing manager is to identify and thoroughly evaluate suppliers. In this process a purchasing manager considers the supplier’s track record for satisfactory production of quality products and on-time delivery of goods.

In addition, the purchasing manager will weigh the supplier on other factors such as sustainability, risk management, etc. Other activities vary according to the type of business, size and location, as well as the level of responsibilities of the purchasing manager. Those who are more hands-on may be responsible for purchasing strategy as well as forecasting product and pricing trends, helping to liaise between supply manufacturers and internal teams.

Salary Of A Purchasing Manager?

So far, you have known what a purchasing manager is, what his responsibilities are, who performs which tasks, and now you may be wondering how much a purchasing manager’s salary can be. We will also give you the answer today in a very good manner and in detail. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a combined seven percent decline in jobs for purchasing managers, buyers, and purchasing agents from 2019 to 2029.

As procurement technology improves less complex procurement functions such as finding suppliers or processing purchase orders will likely be automated. A purchasing manager can be a bright spot for employment in receivables as these roles are likely to grow as they are needed to assist in the purchase of goods and services for business operations or resale to customers. According to the BLS, the annual salary for purchasing managers as of May 2019 is $110,121. In its annual salary survey for 2020, the annual salary is $370,114

Skills For Purchasing Manager

If you want to do anything well, it is important that you have the skill to do it. Similarly, if you want to become a purchasing manager, then it is important that you also have mastery of a few important skills. You can also call them skills or you can also call them the qualities of a good purchasing manager.

1) Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are very important in a good purchasing manager because when evaluating a supplier, the manager has to evaluate or analyze their options besides evaluating their price, service and supplier’s delivery method. It has to be reviewed

2) Math Skill

It is very important for a purchasing manager to be proficient in mathematics. Because the purchasing manager has to keep all the records of what items came in how many quantities. Which item and how many are we selling? How much we have to give a particular item to the wholesaler almost all the account work is done by the purchasing manager.

3) Communication Skill

It would not be wrong if I say that communication skill is very important for any purchasing manager. If you don’t have communication skills, don’t even think about purchasing manager position. A purchasing manager has to attend various types of meetings. Apart from this, he has to attend various events. A purchasing manager is actually re-presenting his company.

Is purchasing manager a good job

In order to improve the image of his company, the purchasing manager should be confident as well as proficient in his communication skills. His communication skills should be excellent so that if he is talking to a wholesale dealer or a reseller, he can make him a customer of his company through his communication.

Final Thought

By now you have known above who a purchasing manager is. What kind of work does he do, how much is his salary and what skill should he have? Now your question is purchasing manager job is good or not?

If you take my opinion, I will tell you that if you are getting a purchasing manager position somewhere, you should not hesitate to accept it. Because you can make your future bright in the job of a purchasing manager, there are many opportunities for development. The whole company is working under you and you are enjoying a kind of officer level life.

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